Monday, 10 September 2007

Simple Sales Increase

The simple things have always been the best. I mean let's face it, what would you rather do? Something amazingly simple and see results, or something complex and see very similar results if not worse?

Todays post is very short but hopefully you will take it all in as it could increase your sales 10 fold! Now I do encourage you to use this technique, but either don't use it on every single product or promotion or actually only use it for the pre-launch.

The point of your sales letter is obvious; it's to get people to take action, usually in the form of purchasing something or entering their email and name. But there is a simple way without any extra work that will increase the number of visitors taking action dramatically.

Simply limit whatever you are selling, giving away, etc etc! When things are limted it is proven people take more action because they are afraid on missing out. You can either limit the number you will sell or number of places on a course etc. Or you can limit the time the offer is availble for IE only till the end of the week. OR you could even have a price increase every day, after every purchase or at set time intervals.

The only rule I recommend you follow with this is to actually stick with what you say, for example if you say the offer is only available untill the coming Saturday and you get a repeat visitor the next Tuesday you will not be respected or trusted any longer by that person. Now that may not sound like a lot but word travels fast and even faster if you are getting more than a couple of visitors per day.


newdatabases said...

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Rosalind said...

You write very well.