Wednesday, 5 September 2007

The Income Streams

As an online marketer your obviously here to make money. But as the saying goes 'Don't have all your eggs in one basket'. You see online you need to have various income streams at different levels. You must not rely on just a single source of income, a standalone product or website.

You must slowly build different income streams, through various forms of online marketing. There is a wide choice so try to vary your marketing a little. You could have a successful blog that you monetize well and then a 'E-Store' that sells affiliate products. Along with an ecourse running on a seperate domain that allows the reader to upgrade and pay a set sum every month.

The important thing is that you are building different streams of income; you might of well heard all this before but I believe it is important to cover.

But the big important part of this article is yet to come...

You see even if you are building different income streams you probably aren't making as much money as you could be, without much extra work, if any at all. Here are the two things you must do with your income streams:

  1. Build a regular income through each stream:

    Before you move on to working with a new or different income stream, make sure you have established some sort of regular profit or results from the current stream you are working with. You could even setup a 'stream' just for adding people to a list, but again your longterm target would be to make money from that list, the point is your results don't always have to be money orientated.

    But stick at each project or stream before you move to the next, work hard at each securing some sort of income by achieving regular traffic and good conversions this shouldn't be the hard part. Once your product is online, work at it until you are getting regular sales (recruiting affiliates/JVs will help you here) Or if you have a blog build regular traffic until your monetizing tactics start to take effect and you notice the results.

  2. Interlink Your Income Streams

    The most effective thing you can do after building your streams is to integrate them with each other. This will force your profits to RAPIDLY multiply and result in even more regular income with less work. But the best part of this clever tactic is it's simplicity and it's easiness.

    By simply advertising your blog in your new viral report you could find yourself getting an extra 1000 hits a day and therefor providing you with targeted traffic and increasing your income and hopefully making it more regular.

Thing about the tips I have given you, they are powerful and WILL work well! Try employing them yourself and see the results then get in touch with me and let me know your thoughts.

Until next time,
Danny Clare

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